June’s Playwright of the Month: Annie

“The sun will come out tomorrow” sang by a little girl name Annie! Annie is a girl who lives in an orphanage, with crazy Ms.Hanngin. Annie hopes one day to meet her parents. But millionaire  Warbucks wants to have a child around. But when Hanngin fakes to be her parents to get the reward, then they are stopped, and arrested for being fake. Then Warbucks adopts Annie!!!!

This is my favorite play out of all of them! I would rate this on a 1 to 10 with 10 being the best 10/10!! This play is really inspirational, heart warming, and funny. This play has good messages, themes, and morals. I would recommend this play for anyone at any age!!

Wicked By: Stephen Schwartz Playwright of the Month For May

The story of how the witches of the Wizard of Oz came about.  The story of how one witch became the good one and the other ones become evil. This story of how people can change very fast. I would rate this a 10+ because it has a good theme, plot and background in it. The songs are also very good. My most favorite song would have to be popular. This would be a very interesting musical.

It looks like they are very active. They also make it very funny and inspartional. It’s cool to see the history behind it all. It’s interesting that they made a story about the witches before coming out with the movie “The Wizard of Oz”. Don’t go out and be wicked!!

April’s Playwright of the Month: Anton Chekhov’s “Three Sisters”

This is a Russian play that was wrote in 1900’s and first play that was performed in 1901. The play is mainly about three Russian sisters and their one bother. This play has a whole bunch of stuff going  on. One sister is a school teacher and towards the end becomes the headmistress. Another sister is married and does have an affair during her marriage. The one and only brother pays mortgage and all of his gambling debts.

I would rate this play a 7 1/2 I’m not really sure what to think about this play. It’s overall really good, but at some points it makes no sense whatsoever. I like how it is a Russian play and how it was written over  117 years ago and the first performance was a 118 years ago. It really depends on you if you like it or not.

February’s play of the Month Arthur Millers “The Crucible”

The “Crucible” the play is mainly about the 1950s in Salem dealing with the witchcraft. Different people getting charged and hung. It just starts with a bunch of girls in the woods doing stuff and one of the girls parents  found out what they were doing. Different things happened for an example there is an affair going on between the two people a maid and the owner of the house who was already married. I would rate this play a 10 because it has to do with history. This explains what was going on in Salem Mass. Its interesting to learn all about history. Sorry for posting this months later.

Romeo & Juliet a Shakespearean Play

The most beloved famous play that a bunch of high schoolers dread because of the language, length, romance, and just reading it in general. When two people from two different families meet at a ball and fall in love sometimes happiness can happen or tragedy can happen. The Montague Romeo’s family and the Capulet family Juliet’s family hate each other with a burning passion. One night at a ball Romeo and Juliet meet and it’s love at first sight for the both of them. They get married secretly and no one knows about it. But when Juliet is being forced to marry Count Pairs things start to get bloody. Romeo one day finds Juliet and he thinks she is dead, but she is just in a deep sleep well he drinks poison and commits suicide. When Juliet Finds him dead she stabs herself. Both families are sad and hurt of this decision and how they have treated each other.

This play was written about 400 years ago. The first version was 2232 lines long and the second version was 3007 lines and it still is that way. Shakespeare wrote the play due to a poem from a poet that he read. In a lot of Shakespeare there is a lot of suicide. This is one of his most long plays that is still read today.

The play I would give is a 10 out of 10. What drew me to this play as we will start reading it soon in class and I would get a jump-start on learning about it. My opinion on it is it is a real love tragedy. It breaks my heart because you should be able to love whoever you want to without anything bad happening to you. You should still get the same rights as anyone else and nothing should have to be hidden.