Romeo & Juliet a Shakespearean Play

The most beloved famous play that a bunch of high schoolers dread because of the language, length, romance, and just reading it in general. When two people from two different families meet at a ball and fall in love sometimes happiness can happen or tragedy can happen. The Montague Romeo’s family and the Capulet family Juliet’s family hate each other with a burning passion. One night at a ball Romeo and Juliet meet and it’s love at first sight for the both of them. They get married secretly and no one knows about it. But when Juliet is being forced to marry Count Pairs things start to get bloody. Romeo one day finds Juliet and he thinks she is dead, but she is just in a deep sleep well he drinks poison and commits suicide. When Juliet Finds him dead she stabs herself. Both families are sad and hurt of this decision and how they have treated each other.

This play was written about 400 years ago. The first version was 2232 lines long and the second version was 3007 lines and it still is that way. Shakespeare wrote the play due to a poem from a poet that he read. In a lot of Shakespeare there is a lot of suicide. This is one of his most long plays that is still read today.

The play I would give is a 10 out of 10. What drew me to this play as we will start reading it soon in class and I would get a jump-start on learning about it. My opinion on it is it is a real love tragedy. It breaks my heart because you should be able to love whoever you want to without anything bad happening to you. You should still get the same rights as anyone else and nothing should have to be hidden.


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